A Shift of Attention

Once again Dr. Al Link provides a dose of reality. Please read on I received it from him today and am reprinting here with his permission:

Our long years of excessive debt, owed on borrowed money to finance poorly planned and even more poorly executed attempts to stem the flow of red ink, have put this nation in a position it has never had to deal with before. Quite literally, we are going broke and when we hit the bottom—read can’t find investors stupid enough to lend us more money to waste—we will cease to exist as a free and prosperous nation. We will not be in the same financial crises as Greece is today, however. No! We will be in a crisis many times worse than Greece.

This is to say, it really does not matter which Presidential hopeful wins the November elections. Neither man, alone, can “fix” our problem. So, while there is a lot of hoopla about the election of a president, the outcome will not have a lot of effect on our financial mess.

The “elections” we should be paying the most attention are the Congressional elections, NOT the presidential hoopla.

The truth of the matter is, Congress is totally responsible for our present financial dilemma. Remember, congress is the only, I will repeat, ONLY electorate body, which has authority to create and authorize the spending plans of our nation. This is done by creating and passing a national budget and creating and maintaining necessary taxing and spending related laws. The House of Representatives creates and the Senate must agree on ALL tax and finance related matters of our nation; NOT the president. If Congress needs to be autonomous to be effective, all they need to do is pass veto-proof laws.  This is the way it is suppose to work, certainly not by having the president tell congress what to do or how to do it.

Whether we like it or not, we are rapidly heading for really hard financial times. A trial that will severely test our way of governing ourselves and our Constitution. To be successful, we will need the best of the best in Congress.  I am not convinced the best of the best are already seated. After all, they have done almost nothing in the last four years but argue, point fingers, appease the special interests, and blame someone else for the financial mess we are in.  Strange, isn’t it. After all it is THEIR mess!

When you step up to the voting booth in November, consider this.  Your most important votes will be those you cast for the Legislative seats in your District and State and those you cast for the U.S. Congress. NOT who to vote for to be the next President.

Take some time to learn which candidates are the best of the best. Ignore party lines. Ignore speeches and promises. Look into each candidates experience and track record. These are the best indicators of possible future commitments to getting the job done. Try to sift the truths from the lies. Candidates who lie to get elected will lie to stay elected—just look at our seated members in Congress today.

Finally, try to ignore the hoopla; it is just a very expensive entertainment having little to do with the way our future will be.


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