Welcome to “The Presidential Election Year Road Show”

I recently sent a political type joke to Dr. Al Link, a good friend in Travelers Rest, SC. Dr. Al is a very erudite, thoughtful, observant sort of guy and I highly respect his opinions. My little joke started an exchange on the subject of the current state of affairs here in the US. Al’s latest response to me is one of those things I just have to share. I believe his response, which I quote in full below, is a well stated version of what a lot of us are thinking but perhaps are unable to state as well.

Here is what Dr. Link had to say about the Party Conventions:  I thought it a good (and humorous) sample of the many scripts of the current running play, which, for the lack of a better description, I call the “Presidential Election Year Road Show”.  

I try not to get hung up by labels such as Democratic or Republican or Liberal  or Conservative or Right or Left and just enjoy the show.  The essence of these well known “Rally Flags”, is they generate more heat and light. Most might believe such are indicators of the real national problems. I do not.  To me, they look to be no more than tools of mass propaganda designed to get the voters whipped up and concerned so they will go out and perform in a certain reprogrammed set of behaviors. (I am reminded of communities where a majority of voters will always vote a straight political ticket.)  Gobbels would be proud. 

Obama bashing, ridding ourselves of slanted news media information, voting in new scoundrels, etc. will not rid this country of its problems.  The real “nut” of the our massive and murky array of problems might be best expressed by the old saying, “When everybody has rights, nobody has rights.” 

All plays have heroes and villains, and all plays end as a comedy or a tragedy.  My fear is that this year’s edition will be a tragedy so catastrophic no more comedies will be possible.

Curtain opening in Florida soon.  Followed by a rendition in North Carolina. Get you tickets out and head for the theater.

If you enjoy his perspective as much as I do, please check out his and his brother’s appropriately named Link Brother’s Blog at http://www.linksblog.us/

2 thoughts on “Welcome to “The Presidential Election Year Road Show”

  1. While I appreciate your feedback, Steve, you are proving the point Al was making. Your focus is on the candidates, the ideology, etc., illustrating the fact your attention has been drawn away from the root problems that need to be addressed. Forget the candidates for a minute. Focus on the questions like: What is broken in this country? What needs to be fixed? How can we fix these problems?


  2. Maryanne,
    Dito on the propaganda. Much and even more of what I have heard on TV about Obama is true.
    I did some research lately on Obama, and discovered very disturbing information that can’t be denied.
    He definitely is Not what he tries to appear to be. More and more he has taken more power, freedom, and rights away from the people and it’s only the beginning. These days are certainly the “Signs of the Times”.
    Sadly, many Americans are still in denial, because they are not informed. However, if we focus more on what we do want rather than what we don’t want, it will manifest itself. “What we think about, What we feel, and What manifest,
    is always a Match” If we concentrate on being PRO Romney/other rather than focusing on Obama, this simple
    law of attraction takes action. ” The universe will correlate to the nature of our (the people) song”


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