For over 20 years I was co-owner/head consultant for a small business management consulting firm. We both decided to retire so we sold the business and all our household stuff, bought a 32′ Class A motorhome and with our two dogs, took to the open road. 

Three years of that proved that, while we were having great fun, we are workaholics at heart. Also, that two people cannot have multiple hobbies in a motor home! So, we retired from retirement and went back to work. We were MUCH happier for a while! 

It seems that my life is evolving in a circular pattern. My background includes writing, researching, proof reading and editing. Starting in high school (Garden Isle and Hawaii Catholic Herald newspapers) on through college and for several years after I wrote for a living. Guess what I did most of the time after UN-retiring? Yup! Only instead of writing for newspapers and magazines, I researched and wrote for various businesses on their websites and blogs … and loved it. 

Jump ahead 12 years or so and I decided to give retirement another go. It may stick this time! I am still very much into photography and have let the creative juices flow with my quilting. However, I still have the writing bug. I have been compiling articled in a folder on my computer. This time around I am writing MY thoughts, ideas, opinions. I love research, so I now get to research things that pique MY interest.

I am an elder, well over 70 years old. I have a lifetime of experience to draw on and share. There was a time when elders were honored for just that; their wealth of experience that, when the family or community consulted them, gave weight and wisdom to their responses. There does not appear to be a lot of that kind of consulting going on lately and look at the mess we are in! Rather than drawing from the wealth of knowledge, we are shuffling our elders off into warehouses called retirement homes. From what I can see, few of them are very homey. 

I have been called a bit of a curmudgeon. I do not have any patience or sympathy for fools. I try to help whomever I can. I try not to intentionally hurt anyone or anything. I have opinions and am not afraid to use them. I am curious and enjoy sharing what I learn. The only thing you can be guarantee where my writing is concerned is that you will never know what direction it will go in next! 

Stick around. It might be fun. It definitely will not be mundane! 

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