Owner/head consultant for Can-Am Technologies, a small business management consulting firm, for over twenty years, I thought I’d retire. We sold the business and all our household stuff, bought a 32′ motorhome and with our two dogs, took to the open road.

Three years of that proved that, while we were having great fun, we are workaholics at heart. Also that two people cannot have multiple hobbies in a motor home! So we retired from retirement and went back to work. MUCH happier now!

It seems that my life is evolving in a circular pattern. My background includes writing and editing. From high school on through college and for several years I wrote for a living. Guess what I do most of the time now? Yup! Only now instead of writing for newspapers and magazines, I’m writing for various businesses on their websites and blogs … and loving it.

When I’m not doing that I’m running my own photography business. I sell my work online at http://itsallintheperspective.zenfolio.com.

I’ve been called a bit of a curmudgeon. I don’t have any patience or sympathy for fools. I try to help whomever I can. I try not to intentionally hurt anyone or anything. I have opinions and am not afraid to share them. I am curious and enjoy sharing what I learn. The only thing you can be guarantee where this blog is concerned is that you’ll never know what will be in it next!

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