A Senior & Veteran Speaks His Truth to Mitt Romney

My brother-in-law, Anthony Almasin, posted this to his FaceBook. I am reposting here, with his permission, because I feel the same as he does about our “entitlements” and people like Romney’s perception of us as we struggle through what is suppose to be our retirement years. Retirement? Don’t make me laugh!

WTF!? According to Mitt Romney, I am dependent upon government, I believe that I am a victim, and I believe that the government has a responsibility to care for me – from health care, to food, to housing, to… you name it.
Aside from a monthly retirement benefit from a local bank where I worked for some 30-years, I have a social security entitlement as I have been contributing to social security since age 13.
I am also covered under Medicare now that I have attained the age 65 – an entitlement that I have paid into over my years of gainful employment. I am a 6-year Army veteran who served 3 tours of duty in the Vietnam combat zone. I am classifed with service connected disabilities due to the result of war and exposure to Agent Orange – these are: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (medications help but the flashbacks and nightmares still occur), bi-lateral hearing loss with tinnitus (thank you Uncle Sam for the hearing aids, but the buzzing still goes  on), Type II Diabetes, and Ischemic Heart Disease which recently resulted in a By-Pass procedure. As a result of my service-connected disabilities, I receive a monthly stipend from the VA with full medical benefits (the most important is free prescription medications).
Yes I rely on the government for free health care (actually I pay about $150 monthly for Medicare and my Akamai Advantage Plan which covers the 20% of Hospitalization costs not covered by Medicare). I rely on government for my monthly social security entitlement, and I rely on the government for my veterans benefit and compensation for my service connected disabilities. These are all entitlements I EARNED! They have not been freely handed to me for no reason!
Mitt Romney’s job is not to worry about people like me – he is convinced that I will never take personal responsibility and care for my life. I’ve got news for the Dude, I earned my entitlements and I am no moocher.
As a parting comment – when millions of Americans (many of my classmates, friends and Army Buddies) served our country in Vietnam, Mitt Romney elected to serve his church on a mission in Europe. Now he wants to be POTUS – not president of the United States, nor president of us, but president of whoever votes for him and more importantly, his donors. As POTUS, he will also be Commander in Chief of our military – god help us……..

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