Father’s Day 2017

At 70 years of age both my fathers are gone. Yeah, both my fathers. Lavera_June_Richard_Edwin_At_ManningPop w Sahoni and Loretta

I got lucky. I was adopted within my mother’s family. So at the age of 19 I learned I actually had two fathers instead of a father and an uncle. Each of them showed me love in their own way. So…
Richie – Thank you for supporting my mother in her decisions and standing by her through thick and thin. She told me how the depressions after I came to visit drove her crazy, so it couldn’t have been easy on you either.
Hal – Pop. Daddy. You loved me like I was your own. You showed me that I could be all I chose to reach out and be. You stood behind me when I made decisions both good and bad, and never stopped being supportive and loving me.
To my two fathers: Thank you. I love you. At my age, I think I understand each of you better. Thank you both for all you did for me and for all you didn’t do for me so that I could become the person I am today.

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