Time to Raise A Little Hell?

A few years back, during the 2016 Presidential election campaign, it occurred to me that the leaders of the two dominant (Democrat and Republican) parties were pulling a quickie on us, the American people. Call me crazy, but it had seemed to me for quite a few years that we were devolving into a corporate controlled society. No more republic, as we had originally been established as. Special interest groups and their corporate controllers had bought the dominant parties, and thereby the Congress, and we had ceased to be a country of the people, for the people and by the people. Our federal government had been bought and paid for and all that was going on was the corporations and special interest groups fussing at one another to decide who was the biggest, baddest dog on the block. The American public was hooped.

Americans have been brainwashed to believe that the only political parties they can trust, the only political parties who are strong enough to govern, were the Democrats and Republicans. THEY got into that position by the support of the people with the big bucks back in the 1800s. Prior to that, people from other, smaller parties were often elected but as time went on, they were elected only at the city, county and state levels. The two Big Boys had the corner on the Congress, Judicial and Administrative offices. We were brainwashed to believe that they were the only realistic, logical choices and, like good little sheeple, we followed their instructions.

Consider this. We are supposedly a Republic. In a republic, communities, counties and states control their society. They set laws and make regulations that are in the best interests of that state because they know what the needs of each district in the state are. The federal government is just there to see to it, through guidelines and legislation that is arrived at in consensus, that the laws of those states are compatible and things run smoothly across the country. That’s all.

But once Big Business started taking over the states were convinced to give up more and more of their self autonomy. First by being convinced federal regulation would be in their own best interests. Then, as the federal became stronger they enacted the Internal Revenue to get money from the citizens to support them. As they got more money, they were able to go to the states and say, “Hey, we have all this money and in the interests of making the country stronger, we will share it with you states… as long as you knuckle under to our demands.” And so the downward cycle began of the death of the republican form of governance. Federal taxation took such a big bite of citizen’s income that the states didn’t dare hit them hard with the taxes to run their governments… and the states became beggars and supplicants at the feet of the new form of federal governing.

It was a very slow process up until the late 1800s but it’s traveled at the speed of a downhill snowball ever since. I know this is a little long, but bear with me. I’m finally finished with the history lesson and getting to my point!

When the 2016 election season rolled around and we were presented with a choice between Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump all I could think was, “What in the hell are these people (the Democrats and Republicans) thinking?! Neither one of these people are fit to hold the highest office in the land! Are they joking?!

This was the time for the American voters to take a serious look at the other parties out there, start thinking about what was being offered, and vote like it was done in the old days… for the most capable candidate representing the party that was offering the most sensible solutions to the nation’s problems. If only!

Then another thought occurred… and stuck… and is still with me only now it is more of a certainty than a suspicion. See what you think of this scenario.

Most people in this country, and the world, equate the position of President of the United States with THE power in this country. Most don’t realize that the President doesn’t (under normal circumstances) have nearly as much power as they believe. The real power lies in Congress, and the President tries to keep peace in Congress between the two party factions and signs legislation that THEY wrote into law, or not, if he chooses to veto. Granted, President Obama made a lot of use of Presidential proclamations, but usually, the president signs bills into laws, represents us on the world stage, mediates and cajoles the factions in Congress into reaching a consensus, etc..

The federal government has finally been completely bought and is now controlled by Big Business/Corporations. The Democrats and Republicans thought they had control of the relationships with the entities that bought and paid them. They have finally come to realize they have control of nothing. Big Business has bought and paid for the United States of America and now owns it. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to go down in history as the responsible party for that particular “honor” once it becomes clear to the rest of us. They want to look good in the history books.

So each party, unbeknownst to the other, figured they’d field a candidate that NO ONE would want or trust or vote for. That way, the other party’s candidate would win and the world and the American people would be able to blame HIM, and the “losing party” would win in the history books. Unfortunately they were right in assuming the American voters were too brainwashed to even consider voting for any other party’s candidate. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people did vote otherwise, but it just wasn’t enough. Perhaps, in the future, there might be hope. If there is still a United States of America for them to vote in.

I believe the chaos, disenchantment, disenfranchisement and financial upheaval that is happening right now are what the Democrats and Republicans saw coming. It has been accelerated by Donald Trump’s lack of substance and real leadership. But this is what they were preparing for. The moment of truth is at hand.

The questions are:

What are we going to do about it?

What CAN we do about it?

If those first colonists with a dream of a better life for themselves managed to throw off the chains of British rule, can WE be as strong and as determined, as willing to sacrifice and do what needs to be done, in order to save ourselves from corporate enslavement?

I am very much afraid that the only recourse left us is complete revolution. Do we have enough citizens in this country with enough backbone to do what needs to be done and #RaiseALittleHell?

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