In 2015 May You Have Enough…

2014 was a pretty rough ride for an awful lot of us. As I look ahead into 2015 and all the possibilities out there for all of us, I am reminded of a story I heard a while back about “enough”. I’m not going to retell it here. You can find the version I first heard here.

Look ahead to an infinity of possibilities.

Look ahead to an infinity of possibilities.

Here is what I hope you each have enough of in the coming year:

  • I wish you enough love to spur you on to be your best.
  • I wish you enough adversity to help you better appreciate the good things that come your way.
  • I wish you enough faith in yourself to give you the courage to do what you know is right instead of what is most expedient or what “everyone else” is doing.
  • I wish you enough challenges to keep your life interesting.
  • I wish you enough compassion to make an effort to help someone else whenever you can.
  • I wish you enough friends to make your life merry.
  • I wish you enough quiet time to allow you the opportunity to look inside and get to know yourself.
  • I wish you enough wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen.
  • I wish you enough courage to follow your dreams, no matter what anyone else thinks of them.
  • I wish you enough health and happiness to let you appreciate all you have.
  • I wish you enough comfort in your times of trial and sadness.
  • I wish you enough of an open heart and mind to embrace life and the people around you.

Happy New Year everyone!

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