Happy Birthday, Cayce!

Thirty-five years ago today a wonderful ray of sunshine entered my life. He had tried to arrive a bit earlier, back in December of 1977, but the doctors managed to “keep him in the oven” a bit longer. He was actually due on Feb. 27th which is his father’s birthday. But Cayce Benson Almasin decided he wanted a birthday all his own, so he arrived on the 17th instead.

Such a quiet baby! He didn’t make a peep. Unlike his brother who arrived screaming and then promptly peed on the nurse! And unlike his sister who arrived grumbling under her breath. They laid him on my stomach and he just lay there, looking all around as if he were thinking, “Wow! This sure is interesting!”

He was such a quiet little thing that we called him Mousie. If you were not in the same room with him when he cried you wouldn’t hear him. To think he matured into a metal guitarist/vocalist who rocked any stage he was on! You just never know, do you?Image

Cayce is getting married (at last!) later this year. He has a great mate in Cherie and I predict their life will continue to be an interesting adventure. He’s pretty much given up the life of a metal musician but he remains one of the most interesting, compassionate, inquisitive, talented people I know. I am proud to be his mother.

Happy birthday, Cayce! I love you with all my heart and am prouder of you than you know. You have matured into a wonderful man.

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