Point of View

Shaman Smiles

Our happiness, our sense of well being, our perception of our place in the world or society, are all determined by our personal point of view. No one else can make us feel anything unless we allow them to do so.

Remember a few days ago I wrote about the Native American and Buddhist beliefs regarding nature and how we should learn from it? My friend Shaman, shown in this photo, is a great example of that. He was always ready to believe the best of everyone he met. He never seemed to anticipate that anyone he met was less than good.

Not to say he was anybody’s fool! If a new acquaintance “smelled wrong” he recognized that fact. Depending on how “wrong” they smelled, he would proceed to either ignore them or quietly warn them away with body language or a low growl. I never saw him act aggressive without provocation.

His personality was beautiful, loving, lovable, full of joy. He just naturally expected the best … and he usually got it! Close to a hundred pounds of muscle, fur and teeth bounding at you can be pretty intimidating yet even people who were afraid of dogs embraced him!

He was an embodiment of “thoughts are things!” His attitude guaranteed that he he would be loved and respected. His point of view set the tone for his life and that of those he interacted with. Why can’t we humans do the same?

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