If the Economy is Recovering, How come …?

Yeah, if the economy is recovering how come groceries are costing almost twice what they did at the beginning of the year?

Why are there so many more for sale signs popping up every day?

Why are the lines at the Welfare office next to the grocery store downtown out the door … while the grocery stores are relatively empty?

Why are there so many more people lining up at the State Employment office?

I think it’s time to get real. Stop spouting false hope and tell people the truth. Otherwise they’re going to keep tripping along with their blinders on, convincing themselves the BS is real and what they are experiencing is exceptional (so it’ll all turn around for them any day now …).

A solid dose of reality is needed. We need to accept that we are getting poorer every day. We need to accept that the whole world is in the grip of a financial crisis. We need to start living more realistically.

It’s time to tighten belts, cut back on the spending, learn to be more independent, learn to be like our grand and great grand parents … self sufficiency is a necessitity, not an odd life choice any more!

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